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We invest in product-obsessed teams

Supporting founders in building products people love




Atypical priorities

We believe in product-first thinking. In our experience, a product-first organization has a much bigger growth trajectory than the traditional sales-driven model. We encourage the teams we invest in to build a team around the product and grow from within - product-led growth.
In today's market, we often see the "growth at all cost" funding model in which founders are often left with few options for a sustainable business. You won't have that experience with us. We want the founders we support to stay in the driver's seat through majority shares and, if needed, choose a modest growth model to build a winning product.
In our experience, your customer NPS and employee satisfaction ratings guide the way to positive ARR retention and company success. Because we know everyone loves to work with a great product.

That is why we love SaaS!

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Perry Oostdam and Pawel Smoczyk product-led growth startup investing.


“I prefer our Whatsapp over formal board meetings any time”

Ruben Wiemans

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